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Take a seat as Autumn Rose introduces you to Egypt, a beautiful young woman with a lot going for herself. Most importantly, she is the longtime girlfriend of famous rapper J-Money aka Jamie. On the outside, things between the couple look picture-perfect. Every woman wishes they could be in her shoes, and every man wants Egypt for themselves, but they have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. Out of the media’s presence, Egypt suffers mental and emotional abuse at the hands of J-Money. From humiliating her publicly to his secret affairs, their relationship began to take a toll on her heart, but she is too invested to let it all go.


When Chance Cole, better known by his stage name “Ace,” shows up to the grand opening of her boutique, old feelings come rushing back instantly. Afraid of Jamie finding out, she does everything she can to avoid Ace. It isn’t until Jamie’s latest stunt that she decides to take matters into her own hands.


Enter the world of a Murderous Affair. With love, infidelity, and heartbreak, Egypt’s story will keep you guessing until the final page…

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