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Dalanna Anitra

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Dalanna Anitra, 24, was born in San Francisco, CA but was raised mostly in Sacramento, CA. At the age of 17, she became pregnant with her first child and decided to relocate back to the Bay Area where her family and heart had always been. Since then, Dalanna has spent her time working towards her Associates Degree in Nursing, writing short stories, and beginning way too many novels. In the past, she never had the courage to actually share her work with anyone else, but after receiving a much-needed push, she was able to finish her first novel “He’s Got a Hold on Me,” and, at the same time, find her calling—being an author.

Growing up, Dalanna Anitra always considered herself to be that shy, quiet girl who could never really find her voice, but with writing, she is able to bring the ideas swirling around in her head to life. “When I write, I feel like I’m in a movie. I literally picture everything in my head before it goes down on paper.” 

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