Kia Jones

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Kia Jones, 25, was born in a small town called Tyler, TX but raised in the mean streets of Dallas, TX. At the tender age of 9, she began writing poetry and easily winning all poetry contest at school. By the age of 16, Kia had begun writing short stories and emailing them around to her mother and her mothers coworkers. Soon, her short stories became viral and a friend of hers insisted that she take on a full length novel.   Shortly after, she penned her debut novel "Love, Lies and Vendettas". Growing up in the slums helped Kia gain her street knowledge and her creative mind turned it into something unique...a story. In Kia Jones novels she doesn't sugar coat how it is in the streets. She let's people see how it really is!


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P.O. Box 128

Mount Eden, CA 94557

T: (844) 633-3642

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