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Meet the Authors...

Sasha Ravae, 29, was raised in San Francisco, CA but called Sacramento, CA her home for over 10 years. After graduating college from California State University, Sacramento in 2011, she decided to move back to the Bay Area with her family to pursue other career opportunities. In 2012, she released her first book "Counterfeit Dreams" which started it all. Sasha Ravae is the author of the Counterfeit Dreams series, the Ski Mask Divas series, Dying for Change, Trap Goddess, What Bae Don’t Know, and co-collaborator of Boy Toy and City Nights. She is also the founder and CEO of the Black Eden Publications. Sasha Ravae began her professional writing and editing career back in 2012 after receiving her Professional Editing Certificate from UC Berkeley. She also currently runs her own blog: xoxo Sasha Ravae – Blog Talk where she gives tips and tricks to upcoming authors as well as keep readers updated on everything Black Eden Publications.

Tell people more about this item. Give people the info they need to go ahead and take the action you want. To make this item your own, click here.Kia Jones, 22, was born in a small town called Tyler, TX but raised in the mean streets of Dallas, TX. At the tender age of 9, she began writing poetry and easily winning all poetry contest at school. By the age of 16, Kia had begun writing short stories and emailing them around to her mother and her mothers coworkers. Soon, her short stories became viral and a friend of hers insisted that she take on a full length novel.   Shortly after, she penned her debut novel "Love, Lies and Vendettas". Growing up in the slums helped Kia gain her street knowledge and her creative mind turned it into something unique...a story. In Kia Jones novels she doesn't sugar coat how it is in the streets. She let's people see how it really is!

Shantae is a married 35-year old mother to three teenage boys. She is an avid reader whose dream has always been to become a published author. Being a sucker for a good love story, she knew that Romance was the area she wanted to focus on with her writing while keeping a little bit of the edge Urban Lit brings. Being with her husband since she was 17 (married at 22) has provided her with plenty of experiences to share. Since her early teens, she’s written poems and a few short stories but never did anything with them. For 2016, one of her resolutions was to be better about following through. Over the years, she would find herself starting a book, and just when it seemed as though she was getting somewhere, self-doubt crept in and she gave up. Shantae made a promise to herself to follow through with at least one of her book ideas, and her first novel “Cocoa Baby” was born.


“To say that I’m enjoying finally following through is an understatement. I started writing, and now, I can’t seem to stop.”


She is a prime example to others that it’s never too late to chase your dreams. This is just the beginning!

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