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What happens when the Glamorous Life isn't so pretty?

Calil "Cash" Washington gave up his dreams of doing music to settle down with his longtime girlfriend Nadia Moreaux. After being unfaithful and caught up in his fame, he refocuses his energy on being a better man to her, but after getting a 9-5, he quickly realizes that the square life is just not for him. Music is in his blood, but Nadia wasn't ready to let him go again until she realized that she had dreams of her own too.

After hooking up with one of the hottest female rappers in the Bay Area, Lexx Gang, Cash is ready to finally spread his musical wings again. Trying to balance two different lives, he must face the consequences when someone close to him loses their life because of it all.

Will Cash and Nadia make it out of all the flashing lights in one piece, or will the cold City nights send them back where they came from with absolutely nothing?

City Nights

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