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Infidelity separated them, but will time apart force them to finally grow up? 

Kelsey and O’Shea have loved one another for…forever, and it seemed as though they had the kind of love that would withstand the test of time. O’Shea had plans on making Kelsey his wife once the time was right, but when she decides to postpone getting married and starting a family to further her education, he feels as though he is no longer a priority in her life. And in one moment of weakness, he ruins their fairytale, crushing Kelsey’s belief in happily-ever-afters.

Now living on her own and without O’Shea by her side for the first time, Kelsey is living life on her terms. She’s embracing her newfound independence and discovering who she is and what she really wants out of life, but, deep down, she still longs for the love she lost.

Cocoa Baby

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