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Jewel Sanchez and Reagan Taylor had been to hell and back trying to keep their relationship together. After infidelity, murder, and the loss of his best friend, Jewel wasn’t willing to lose her too. Ready to put the past behind them, he decided that he was ready to spend the rest of his life with Reagan, and with his decision to finally step down from the M.A.C. Boys confirmed, he prayed that things would somehow become normal again. After Pop’s funeral, he realized he had nothing else to lose but family, so in an effort to change his ways, Jewel agrees to trade in the guns and drugs for a suit and tie and work alongside of his father. But when someone from their past shows up, will that tear down the new found life Jewel worked so hard to rebuild? Or will the M.A.C. Boys’ empire pull him back into the shadows?

Counterfeit Dreams 4: A Coke White Dream

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