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Just when you think you know who to trust, the tables are turned.

At only 15, Jewel Sanchez unknowingly dedicated himself to the streets when he left home and joined the M.A.C. Boys. As the years went on, he learned what it meant to lose those closest to him, but in the process, he gained so much more—making him a target to many.

With Jewel back in charge and his boys Sacario and Hassan by his side, he is ready to take on the world more determined than ever, that is until a hit is put out on his head. This time Jewel is not so forgiving and makes sure that his enemies realize that their betrayal must be answered for. Will Jewel be able to remain on top or will questioned loyalties cause him to fall, bringing the M.A.C. Boys down with him for good?

In the fifth installment of the Dreams series, you will take a roller coaster ride full of twists and turns. With sex, lust, love, drama, and suspense, this book proves to be action-packed and will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Counterfeit Dreams 5: When Dreams Aren't Enough

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