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Jhené Pierce, a young and sexy, business-savvy, social media vixen, thrives in the spotlight. Receiving everything she’s ever wanted from the love of her life Dre, she is floating on air…until, one night, her world comes crashing down all around her.


After losing her high school sweetheart in the worst way possible, she doesn’t think that she will ever be able to love again. Her heart is closed off to the idea, and she’s completely comfortable allowing her bag to keep her warm. That is until she’s graced with the presence of Mr. Kai Jackson. Known to be one of the Bay Area’s biggest bosses, Kai immediately wants to make Jhené his, and he plans to get exactly what he wants…no matter what.


Jhené, believing that she has finally found her match, is devastated once she finds out a dark secret that Kai has been keeping from the world for years. After she finds out that he is the reason for her pain, she has no clue how they can move forward in their relationship. Her loyalty just won’t allow it.


Will Jhené be able to forgive the demons in Kai’s life that existed way before her, or are she and Kai doomed to be forced to go their separate ways…for good?

Dope Boy Crazy

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