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In part 2 of He’s Got a Hold on Me, Jaleiya is finally done with the drama and trying to move on with her life. After being heartlessly shot by the only man she ever loved, she is learning to love herself again. In the midst of all the drama, Noah never leaves her side—creating a bond that no one could break.


It doesn’t take long before Jaleiya begins to feel like she is living a dream that she never wants to wake up from. She’s got the perfect man and finally got all of the toxic people out of her life. With such a positive outlook about the future, Jaleiya is ready to forget about her past. She is free of the hold that Jamel had on her for so long…or so she thought. Quickly, she is reminded that some demons, you just can't forget.


This time, Jaleiya is determined to fight for her happiness, and she’ll stop at nothing to get it!

He's Got a Hold on Me 2: Jaleiya's Revenge

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