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Your favorite couple is back in Part Two of One Man’s Trash.


Porsha is as happy as she can be with the man of her dreams, and Rico feels the same way. Everything seems to be going good for the couple, but trouble is always lurking around the corner. As they fight trials and tribulations to walk down the aisle, loyalty will be tested, and blood will be shed. Through it all, Porsha prays that nothing or no one takes her man away.


They say money talks, and that’s the motto Rico lives by. But, soon, he will find out that, unfortunately, his money can’t buy his way out of everything.


Lost without Porsha, Dean’s life continues to spiral out of control. Desperate to get his woman back, he takes drastic measures, hoping it grabs Porsha’s attention. He can’t fathom the thought of her carrying another man’s last name, so whatever it takes to win her back, he’s willing to do.


Lines are drawn, buttons are pushed, and love is put to the test. Will love conquer all? Will Porsha and Rico make it down the aisle? Or, will she find herself back in Dean’s arms again?

One Man's Trash 2: Happily Never After

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