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How far are you willing to go to protect your family? For Alori “Vanity” Stevens, there is no limit.  

Because of the recession, Diana, Alori’s mother is unable to find work after being injured on the job. Finding a way to deal with the pain, Diana turns away from her children and instead turns to prescription drugs. Forced to support the addiction that her mother develops, Alori agrees to strip for money at club Black Diamond. The money was enough until her brothers and sisters are taken away from her mother and placed into custody by Child Protective Services. Not in a position to take care of the kids, Alori must figure out a way to get them back on her own.
While dancing at Black Diamond, Alori meets Tamara “Bossy” Wright, one of the club’s past elite headliners who speaks life into her broken dreams. Faced with the greatest decision of her life, Alori agrees to put her morals aside and team up with Bossy and her clique to get the money she needs the only way Bossy knows how.

Ski Mask Divas

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