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For many of us, “tough love” is something that is seen as a good thing. No matter if we make a mistake, “fail,” are rejected, or just underperform in some way, it’s very easy to become our own worst critic.

But being tough on ourselves always ensures success, right? I mean, that’s why we do it.


If tough love was a viable tool, then why doesn't it work...especially when applied to Self?

Because there is no compassion involved—only judgment.

Yes, self-accountability is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, but that doesn't mean that we have to become a drill sergeant and berate ourselves in order to do so. Through compassion, understanding, and appreciation, learn what happens when you apply a little softness, a little tenderness to yourself—you discover a whole lot of love. It’s time to heal.

#2 - The Self+Love (P)roject: Become Your Own Best Friend

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