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Jasmine Young was head over heels in love with her boyfriend of four years, Tarrell Coleman—or so she thought until she caught him in bed with another woman in the home they shared together. Finally finding the nerve to take her independence back, Jasmine decides to get a place of her own with her best friend Chantae to get away from all the drama. 

Over the course of trying to get over Tarrell, Jasmine quickly develops a friendship with June Robertson. The two connect instantly, and after one fateful night, she realizes that he’s the one who’s been there all along and not Tarrell. Ready to take a chance on “true” love, Jasmine abandons all of her relationships and principles and falls fast into June’s arms, but will he be there to catch her, or will she be left standing alone to pick up all the pieces?

What Bae Don't Know

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