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Lamar West, 19, was born in Petersburg, Virginia and is currently a college freshman attending Radford University majoring in Communications. At 16, he was called to God through a life changing experience, and as a result, he dedicated his life to spreading the word of God and uplifting the people of his generation. Lamar wants to express his ideas and thoughts through writings, books, poems, etc. and believes that everyone has a purpose in life. His own being to write inspirational books and solve societal issues through Christ and bring faith to the forefront of America.

Shantae is a married mother to three teenage boys. She is an avid reader whose dream has always been to become a published author. Being a sucker for a good love story, she knew that Romance was the area she wanted to focus on with her writing while keeping a little bit of the edge Urban Lit brings. Being with her husband since she was 17 (married at 22) has provided her with plenty of experiences to share. Since her early teens, she’s written poems and a few short stories but never did anything with them. For 2016, one of her resolutions was to be better about following through. Over the years, she would find herself starting a book, and just when it seemed as though she was getting somewhere, self-doubt crept in and she gave up. Shantae made a promise to herself to follow through with at least one of her book ideas, and her first novel “Cocoa Baby” was born.


“To say that I’m enjoying finally following through is an understatement. I started writing, and now, I can’t seem to stop.”


She is a prime example to others that it’s never too late to chase your dreams. This is just the beginning!


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