• Sasha Ravae

Ski Mask Schemes - The Prequel: Excerpt

Tamara sat on the bed waiting for her next date. Like clockwork, she tried to get them in and out. The more dates she knocked, the more money she made. She checked her cellphone to confirm the time of her next appointment. At 8:30 p.m. on the dot, there was a knock on the door. She stood up, inspecting herself in the mirror. The barely-there dress she wore exposed all of her greatest assets. Snake told her that each time would make it a little easier, but her nerves still got the best of her. Tamara couldn’t ever imagine being comfortable spreading her legs for anybody but him, but it was what Snake wanted.

She walked over to the door and slowly opened it.

“Bossy?” a short white man asked very pleased with what he saw. Her cocoa-colored skin glistened against her natural jet-black, waist length hair. The man couldn’t take his eyes off her frame. What she lacked in height, she more than made up for in body.

“Yes, nice to meet you, Jason. Come in.”

The man entered the mediocre hotel room with only one thing on his mind. He was ready to fuck. Jason was an average looking, middle-aged white man with a fetish for chocolate. He had been married almost fifteen years. He loved his wife, but she didn’t please him sexually anymore, so he didn’t see the harm in spending his free-time having sex with prostitutes. What his wife didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her, right?

“So, I’m pretty sure Snake went over my fees, correct?”

Jason handed Tamara an envelope filled with the money needed for her services. He wanted to be as tasteful as possible.

“Well, let’s get started then,” Tamara said as she slipped the small, white envelope into her purse before she pulled out a condom.

Jason sat on the bed attempting to make himself more comfortable as she began by slipping off the cream-colored dress she wore and let it fall to the floor. With the latex in hand, she bent down on her knees and loosened his belt. He became excited at her touch. He tried not to solicit sex often, but soon it was all he thought about. Black women were one of his guilty pleasures. With his pants down around his ankles, Tamara opened the wrapper and slowly slid the condom down over his long, thin penis. She tried to imagine anything else and not focus on his appearance even though he disgusted her. When Tamara began hoeing, she wanted to believe that her customers would all be attractive because they were at first. Even though her body had grown over the years, she still had a baby look to her, and older white men adored that about her. As long as they had the money though, she had the time. As she imagined Snake, she slowly let Jason enter her mouth. Jason felt himself about to nut almost instantly, but he was determined to get his money’s worth. Tamara hoped that her head game would prevent her from having to have sex, so she put her all into giving him a bomb-ass blow job.

Quickening her pace, she bobbed up and down on his thin, pink penis as she quickly rotated her small hand around his shaft. Spit covered her face and hands as she continued to give Jason head. With a fistful of her hair, he couldn’t hold on any longer; he was about to explode.

“I want to fuck you,” he said pulling Tamara down on the bed. With nothing on but a black, lace thong, she laid down exposing her full D-cup breasts.

“Play with yourself first,” Jason instructed, stroking his dick.

Tamara was not one to turn down a request, so she slid her panties to the side, licked her two fingers, and then slowly started to finger herself. With the other hand, she massaged her breasts and played with her chocolate-colored nipples tilting her head back in fabricated ecstasy. She didn’t enjoy the sex at all, but she had an obligation to Snake. She owed him everything.

Jason watched the show as the minutes passed. He could tell her pussy was nice and wet as she pulled her fingers out revealing the cream that was inside. He felt like a caged animal ready to devour his prey. He wife Margaret had a lot of ‘do’s and don’ts’ in the bedroom, so he felt like he couldn’t really be himself. They didn’t have the intimacy that was supposed to be shared between a man and a wife. Margaret only wanted to do it missionary…every time. She felt like anything else was ungodly.

“Turn around,” Jason said with his dick in his hand.

Making sure the condom was still on, Tamara slid off her panties and hiked her ass up in the air. The sooner it was over, the better.

“You want this black pussy?” she moaned.

“Oh, you know I do, you dirty little whore.”

Tamara knew his type oh too well. Most of the men who came to see her were sexually oppressed, unhappy at home, or just lonely. For thirty minutes to an hour, she became their wife, friend, confidant, and slut all rolled into one. With her back arched, her round ass sat in the air ready to receive Jason. Without warning, he jammed his dick inside of her as he enjoyed the warmness of her insides. Tamara moved her hips helping

him find his rhythm. She could barely feel him, but she moaned like he had the biggest dick she had ever had.

“Ooohh, right there, Jason. I’ve been a really bad girl.” She threw phrases like that in from time to time. She knew white guys loved that shit.

“Have you now?” he asked slapping fire across her ass. The shape of her body drove him crazy. There wasn’t a scratch or scar on her. Her skin was flawless.

Ready for the date to be over, Tamara tightened her pussy and swallowed Jason’s dick. With a few quick swings of her hips, she threw her pussy back ferociously at him until he couldn’t catch it anymore. With his nails dug deep on the side of her hips, he released the cum that had been built up for months. After all of his sexual frustrations exploded from his body, an immediate sense of shame came over him.

“You mind if I use the bathroom?” he asked gathering up his clothes from off the floor.

“Go ‘head.” Tamara watched as Jason scurried across the room. She could tell that he was ashamed of cheating on his wife, but she knew he would be back. They always came back.

Five minutes later, he came out of the bathroom neatly dressed as if nothing had ever transpired. He became a pro at covering up his infidelities. His wife was none the wiser.

Tamara threw on a robe she had laid on a chair next to the bed.

“Well, thank you, Jason. I had a really good time.”

“You sound very convincing.”

Tamara just smiled. “I hope I can see you again,” she said leading him towards the door.

“Listen, Bossy or whatever your name is, I’m an unhappily married man. You bet your ass I’ll be calling again.

Not too soon though. Don’t want the little lady getting suspicious,” he said jokingly, “Take care now.”

“You too,” Tamara said closing the door behind him.

She quickly ran to the bathroom and turned the water on high. The room quickly filled with steam. The water was never hot enough to wash off the scent of strange men that covered her body each day. With some Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom Body Wash, Tamara attempted to scrub off the smell of Middle America from her skin. Fifteen minutes later, she felt clean enough for her next date. She was on a strict schedule according to Snake.

She tied her robe tightly around her small waist and walked over to the door that connected the rooms and knocked twice.

“That was fast,” Amber laughed.

“You know how these old men be,” Tamara said closing the door behind her.

Empty room service plates and trays still filled the room. Amber walked back over to the table where she had her laptop set up.

“How much you make?”

“$500,” Tamara said getting into the bed.

“That’s it?” Aleya asked. Tamara could’ve fucked a hundred tricks a day, and she still would have something to say. “Well, Snake said a few more hit his line, so it looks like you’re still on, baby.”


If you haven't already, catch up with part 1: Ski Mask Divas today on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Google Play and see where it ALL began!

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