The XO Chronicles: Never Give Up!

March 14, 2016

Confession: I released my first book "Counterfeit Dreams" back in 2012. I had NO idea what I was doing, all I knew was that I wanted to be a writer. With little to no resources, I self-published CD. By doing so, I had to come up with the cover all on my own. I didn't know any graphic designers at the time, and I didn't have the money to find one, so I gathered a group of my family/friends, and we shot the pictures for the front. It was a FREEZING night in San Francisco, CA, and all we had were a couple of cameras, a car light, and a bottle of Hennessy. Nobody could tell me anything! I knew I had a hit on my hands. I dabble a little in Photoshop, definitely not enough to call myself a designer, but babayyyy, let me tell you, that didn't shoot my confidence down in the least. After I completed the cover, I immediately started to promote. I got A LOT of great feedback on the book itself but not so much on the cover, and from that, I learned that presentation is EVERYTHING! I equated it to someone making a bomb-ass meal. It could be the best thing you've ever had, but if it looks like slop on a plate, you are less likely to even want to give it a chance. 


In 2014, I signed with another indie-publisher, and "Counterfeit Dreams" received a make-over. From that, people were more responsive because it was appealing visually. My fan base grew immensely because I think people began to take me more seriously as an author. In 2015, after a year of being signed with someone else, I decided that I wanted to take a chance and go out on my own, and that's when Black Eden Publications was born. Because I was no longer with my old publisher, I decided to revamp "Counterfeit Dreams" yet again...this time for good. Over the course of the 5 years that this book has been out, it has gone through a few transformations, but I can never forget where it all started. Even though it may not have been the most polished book to begin with, I am proud that I had the guts to follow my dreams and that I am surrounded by people who believe in me. The road was bumpy at first, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. Moral of the story: Always follow your dreams no matter what!



Sasha Ravae

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