• Sasha Ravae

How to Become a Successful Writer - Tip #6

6. Read what you've written over and over again until you can't find anymore problems.

This is definitely a rule I use when I proof/edit my books. As an author, because we’re so close to our own work, the words sometimes become what we want them to be as opposed to what they actually are, so I suggest switching it up! After I’ve read my story once or twice, I either take a break from editing, so that when I come back, I come back with fresh eyes. Or I read it backwards, meaning that I start from the last chapter and work my way up to the first. This way, the story is not flowing in its normal way, so you may be able to pick up errors that you may have missed before. Also, you can have a friend or another writer read your work. As a reader myself, I know that it is much easier to pick up on inconsistencies, spelling mistakes, syntax confusion, etc. when you’re not really looking for them. Do what works for you and understand that drafting is a process, but each time you do it, you’re one-step closer to the finish line!


Sasha Ravae

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