• Sasha Ravae

The XO Chronicles: How I Became an Editor

As some of you may know, in 2011, I graduated from Sacramento State University with my Bachelors in English Studies. For over 4 years, I studied the written word in every way possible. At the time, I hadn't even thought about becoming an author yet. I've been a reader from day 1, and that is where my passion was and still is to this day. Because I loved to read so much, I knew in my freshmen year of college that I wanted to be an editor. Unfortunately, there wasn't an editing program at my school, so I became self taught. I bought as many grammar books as I could, and I studied them day and night. This didn't really help me until I started writing books of my own. Everything I had learned previously helped me become a better writer, but I still wanted to take it a step further, so I enrolled in the Professional Editing Program through UC Berkeley. I felt like this was pertinent to me not only as a writer but because I wanted to start my own publishing company. I wanted to make sure that I as well as my authors put out the best product possible, and that definitely starts with editing. You can have the greatest story ever thought of, but if it's not put together properly, people will pass it right on up. Now, not only do I edit for Black Eden Publications, but I also edit for many other companies and self-published authors, and I love it! I love that I can do what I have always dreamt of doing and be successful at it, but I can say that it all started with me getting my education first! Remember, whatever your dreams are, make sure you lay a solid foundation to build upon.


Sasha Ravae


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