How to Become a Dope Writer - Tip #9

March 22, 2016


9. Do what works for you!


This rule is hard to comprehend when you are just starting out because it seems like you don’t have any direction to go in, but this is essential to know as a writer. Although, I have put these tips together in hopes to help, I do understand that not everything works the same for everybody, and that is completely okay. When I first started, I wanted to emulate those authors who I felt were successful in the literary industry. I received a lot of information that helped me in various ways, but a lot of other tips or techniques I left by the wayside, and some I tweaked to work for me. Don’t feel like there is only one way of doing something. Whether it’s writing, promoting/marketing, etc., do what works for you! You have to get a feel for the type of writer you are and the message you want to convey to the world first. Once that is established, it’s easy to fill in the gaps and make the most out of your craft. Don’t try to hold yourself to a specific standard because everyone is different. Take pride in that and enjoy your own individuality.



Sasha Ravae

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