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Womanhood, Dopeness, & Magic

1.Tell us about yourself and your magic (your magic is that special thing that makes you stand out in the crowd, or your gift/talent. Your magic is what makes you…you).

My magic is the gift of written word. Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated with reading and writing. I used to write poems and stories for fun, and I never thought that it would translate into me doing what I loved for a living. At 28, I am proud to say that I am the CEO and owner of Black Eden Publications. I, myself, have 10 books under my belt, and I also manage 3 other authors. I couldn’t be more proud!

2. Why is womanhood important to you?

Womanhood is important to me because I am a woman. I think that we possess gifts that may complement manhood, but we also possess gifts that only a woman can understand. I love the fact that I can be a wife, a mother, a professional, etc. all wrapped up into one without feeling the need to choose and be completely unapologetic for it.

3. What inspires you? What makes your soul move?

My kids definitely inspire me. That’s what wakes me up in the morning determined to be my greatest. Growing up, I did not have the best examples, male or female, so now I feel like my purpose on earth is to be a good person and show my children a different way of life. I think I accomplish that on a daily basis by living out my dreams and showing them that they can do the same.

4. What is your favorite quote or mantra and why?

I am ALL about growing spiritually. I used to be very religious, but I read a book called Black Roots Science that literally changed my life for the better, and now I see the world in such a different way. I feel like there is nothing off limits to me. It’s just a matter of what I put my mind and efforts to, so every day I tell myself the same thing, and it really helps to keep me focused. I experience peace, happiness, prosperity, and wealth as integral parts of my life. It is completely safe, easy, and natural for me to be prosperous and successful. Prosperity flows towards me freely every day in every way. This mantra has yet to let me down!

5. What makes another woman dope?

I think that what makes another woman dope is when she is true and authentic to herself. Unfortunately, we are conditioned to be a certain type of woman with specific types of features and traits whether it be on TV, in movies, or in music, but we are all unique, so celebrate that! It took me a long time to realize this, but I wouldn’t want to be any other woman on this planet other than Sasha Ravae, and I encourage other women to feel the exact same way about themselves. Remember, there’s only one you!

6. Do you think there’s power in collaborating with other women? And why? Yes! As women, we all naturally have various strengths and weaknesses, but I think when you collaborate with other women, you are able to highlight those strengths and allow each other to shine in your own light. I’m all about supporting my Queens!

7. Fill in the blank: "A woman with a voice is _______" “A woman with a voice is EVERYTHING!” God gave us our own minds and the ability to think for a reason, so use your voice to further what you are passionate about and never be afraid to remain true to who you are. You never know who could be listening or how your words can affect someone else’s life, so speak up!

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