How to Become a Successful Writer - Tip #14

March 29, 2016


14. Write using a pen or pencil instead of a laptop for more creativity.


This tip definitely goes along with personal preference. As a writer, I have always written down my work as opposed to using a computer. At 29, I can say that computers were new-ish when I was coming up. Of course, most of assignments in middle school and high school required the use of a computer but a lot did not. I’ve tried to use a laptop to write, but for me, I just feel stifled. When I use a pen, I feel as if my words, my thoughts are being transferred from my mind, through the pen, and onto the paper. That aspect alone inspires me because there’s something tangible in front of me, and I always think about what can happen if my computer crashes or I lose my flash drive. To avoid the paranoia on my end, I take solace in the fact that I have a hard copy backup in the case of anything. It is a little tedious at times, but physically writing my work down has been ingrained in my writing process, and I don’t anticipate changing it anytime soon. Which method do you prefer?



Sasha Ravae

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