• Sasha Ravae

How to Become a Successful Writer - Tip #22

22. Fact Check!

I will be the first to admit that as a writer, some of the subjects I write about I have not experienced firsthand, but I do not allow this to stop me. I let my characters speak through me, and I try not to judge their pasts or even some of their life choices, but I do make sure to get them right! Remember, if you are not sure, you…don’t…know! If there is a topic or region that I am unfamiliar with, I make sure to do as much research as I can, so the narrative or even particular characters can come across as being very knowledgeable in that area. Now, you don't have to bog your writing down by trying to do too much research in the beginning. You may want to outline first or even carve your way around the subject in the chapters, but make sure that you do go back and fill in the holes. If there are too many inconsistencies within your work or you come off as not knowing what you’re talking about, you will lose credibility with your readers, and that’s the last thing you want to do. You have to make them believe it even if you are not an expert, so ALWAYS fact check.


Sasha Ravae

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