• Sasha Ravae

How to Become a Dope Writer - Tip #23

23. Visualize the people you are communicating with.

I think that it is very important to be mindful of your audience when writing. These people are your biggest fans as well as your biggest critics, so it’s helpful to put yourself in their shoes. As a reader, what are some questions you may have about a book? About a plot? Characters? Motive? Now, of course, you will not be able to please everyone every single time, but as you further your career, you will get a sense of whom your core audience is.

For example, when I wrote Counterfeit Dreams 4: A Coke White Dream in 2015, I had every intention in the world for that to be the last installment in the Dreams Series, but my readers were like, “Hell no!” Why? Because they felt like there were too many unanswered questions to just leave it there. In my mind, I wrote the story in the hopes that they would come up with their own conclusions, but my assumptions were very wrong! As I wrote part 5, I definitely visualized my audience and the things they wanted answered. Having this interaction with my audience was a good learning lesson for me and helped me write an even better book. It reminded me to keep my audience as my main focus. Remember, that’s where your support comes from anyway.


Sasha Ravae

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