• Sasha Ravae

How to Become a Dope Writer - Tip #27

27. There is a time for writing, and there is a time for editing.

This tip definitely goes along with Tip #26. Being a writer and an editor myself, it’s hard for me sometimes to separate the two, but I realize that it is very necessary. If you try to do both at once, which may seem to be a more efficient way to utilize your time, you will find yourself being too critical of your work. I allow myself to get my drafts out without using my editing eye too much because I know that I am going to go back and whip it into shape once I’m done. If I tried to write and edit at the same time, I think it would cause me to think too much and not allow my story to flow naturally. Mistakes are normal, and with the drafting process and working with a professional editor, you are bound to make your book as perfect as it can be, so relax!


Sasha Ravae

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