• Sasha Ravae

How to Become a Dope Writer - Tip #29

29. Be Yourself.

Over the years, this is the most important thing that I’ve come to realize. It is easy to become inspired by someone else, but there is really no need to imitate that person or their writing style. You have to think of it like there is only ONE you. That’s what makes you unique. There’s already an Ashley & JaQuavis, a Wahida Clark, a K’Wan, etc., but you have to think about what makes you stand out as an author. It’s always nice to appreciate someone else’s writing; I, myself, am a true fan of many. K’Wan and Shannon Holmes are two of my biggest inspirations in Urban Fiction, but I’ve never felt the need to jack their swag. I feel like I have my own voice, and I want that to be heard. I want “Sasha Ravae” to stand out among the masses. Unfortunately, you’ll see a lot of people outright stealing book titles, concepts, synopses, even covers, but what can someone gain from that other than a bad reputation? My experiences, perspective, and writing style are something that the world has never seen before, and I am very confident in that. You should have that confidence as well. It’s very important to see what you can do on your own without the air of imitation surrounding you, so give it a try!


Sasha Ravae

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