"Ski Mask Schemes" by Sasha Ravae is Now LIVE!


All Tamara Wright had in this world was her family…that was until she met Snake. Tired of her mother’s rigid rules, she grew hungry for her freedom when she finally noticed the world that was all around her. Throwing caution to the wind, Tamara runs right into the arms of her awaiting lover and soon finds out that everything that glitters with Snake is not gold once he’s taken away from her for good. 

Caught up in the flashing lights and fast life, Tamara finds herself falling in love…with only the money, and through Snake’s guidance, “Bossy Monroe” is born. At 17, Tamara found herself alone with nowhere to go and with skills that only translated to the streets, but refusing to admit defeat and go back home to her mom and little brother, she decides to get it how she lives with her best friend Chinx when they decide to put together the ultimate money move, but in the end, no one wins. 

With Love, Lies, Murder, and Betrayal, Tamara will have to choose once of for all if anything means more to her than the Almighty Dollar. From schemes to a diva sitting pretty, see how it all began. (Read a sneak peek now!!!)


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