How to Become a Dope Writer - Tip #37

June 8, 2016


37. Never rescue your hero.


I go back and forth with this concept. One of my all-time favorite characters from my own work is, of course, Jewel Sanchez from the “Counterfeit Dreams” series. Because I love Jewel so much, I always want things to work out for him in the best way possible, but as a writer, I understand that this does not make for a good story. As in our own lives, there are lessons to be learned from our actions whether good or bad, so we can’t be afraid to let our characters bump their heads sometimes too because, hopefully, they are learning in the process. I intended for “Counterfeit Dreams 4: A Coke White Dream” to be the last installment in the series, but my readers were not having it, so I released “Counterfeit Dreams 5: When Dreams Aren’t Enough”. I would love to just say that Jewel and Reagan had a happily-ever-after and let it be that, but if you followed the series, then you know the ups and downs they both have endured, so part 6 isn’t going to be any different. I have faith in Jewel, but this time, I might not be able to save him.



Sasha Ravae


UPDATE (6.21.18): Counterfeit Dreams 6: Dreams Never Die drops next month, and Jewel still hasn't learned!

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