• Sasha Naborne

How to Become a Dope Writer - Tip #40

40. Harness the power of your emotions.

When readers are reading a book, they want to be moved by the story. Fiction allows people to not only step into other worlds but also to experience those worlds. They get to do what they can’t in the course of a normal day or feel beyond their normal feelings. One way a writer can make use of creating reality out of fiction is to induce emotion in readers, make them feel what the characters are experiencing. Writers and readers both know that the fictional events aren’t real but the emotion can be. As a reader, we can feel fear and joy, be excited, and know grief all while reading a story.

How can you achieve this in your own writing?

  1. Write in "scenes"-show rather than tell. I learned this tip back when I was in college. Writers are storytellers, but you want to do the complete opposite when you are actually writing. Allow your readers to experience the story for themselves. Think of yourself as a painter and you are there to paint a picture for them using only your words.

  2. Make a character sympathetic. I like to have at least one character who seems to care about the other characters in the story. This, to me, gives them more appeal and makes them more relatable.

  3. Make a character unsympathetic. On the opposite side, you have to have a character that everyone loves to hate, and it doesn't always have to be for expected reasons. In my first book "Counterfeit Dreams", Reagan Taylor is such a sweet spirit, but through a lot of her actions, she becomes unlikable, and that is okay. I think it makes her more complex and gives her character a little more dimension.

  4. Don’t hold back. I know a lot of authors who are scared to write one way or another because of what the readers may "think", but DO NOT HOLD BACK! Whether you are able to make the reader laugh, mad, sad, etc., you are evoking emotion in them and, ultimately, doing your job as a writer.

  5. Surprise the reader by switching the story in an unexpected direction. This is always my go-to when writing. I love to weave webs and connections throughout the story that people may not expect in the beginning. I think it keeps the reader on their toes as well as create an air of anticipation.

  6. Don’t hesitate to mix emotions. No matter what genre you write in, I don't think that you have to stick yourself in a box when it comes to the types of emotions your story evokes in a reader. Go for a variety of them. The readers will definitely appreciate the ride.

What are some ways you create emotion in your story? I would love to hear from you!


Sasha Ravae

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