• Sasha Ravae

How to Become a Dope Writer - Tip #41

41. Read your own writing out loud.

As an editor, I use this tip a lot!! It always helps to have someone else to take a look at your work to give you a fresh perspective especially if you've been going over and over it, but reading your work out loud highlights issues as they may arise. Whether it's the flow of your work, spelling/grammar errors, syntax problems, etc., by reading out loud, those issues are emphasized. Take this time to work out any kinks you need to. While this is not the end all be all of the editing process, this is a good part of the process to utilize. And if you're interested in converting your book into an audio book, it's very important to see how the story actually reads when read out loud.

Do you read your work out loud? I would love to hear from you!


Sasha Ravae

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