• Sasha Ravae

How to Become a Dope Writer - Tip #46

46. Listen to how people talk.

I am fascinated with dialogue and different dialects. As people, we all have our own way of speaking and so many things can and have influenced that. For me, I grew up in San Francisco, CA. I lived there until I was 12 before moving to San Antonio, TX. At 15, I moved back to California where I lived in Sacramento for 10 years, and in 2011, I moved back to the Bay Area. If I said that all of these different places didn’t have an effect on the way I speak, I would be lying. Because of this, I am fascinated by where people come from and how that shapes language. Observe people in their natural element and see how their words flow. This will give you insight when you shape your own character dialogue. Remember, no two people are the same!

How important is dialect to you when it comes to writing dialogue? I would love to hear from you!


Sasha Ravae

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