Find Out Why Upcoming Author Sasha Ravae is Hoping for a Twisted New Years! (Podcast)

Why is 29-year old upcoming author Sasha Ravae hoping for a twisted New Years?


She's a true talent and an inspiration to everyone who comes in contact with her work. She's a dope author, more like a storyteller, and she's only 29, which means she still has many years ahead of her to entertain her fans.

One interesting fact about Sasha Ravae is that she didn't start her professional writing career until 2012. Between me and you guys, I don't believe her. Nope! Sasha first got her taste of fame when she entered a short story challenge via Facebook. That's when the unexpected happened...her short story went viral. 
I'm talking 3k shares on Facebook only. It's safe to say people liked her worked. I mean, I wish I could get at least 1 or 2 shares. Rub it in, Sasha, just rub it in. After going viral, she did what any great author would do. She released short story after short story, keeping her fans wanting more.

Her following has grown largely due to the fact she has a special ability to kidnap her readers' minds with her unique writing style. She likes to write about her  life experiences, good or bad. Sasha's main goal is to inspire young authors to never give up on their dreams.

And not everyday do you get asked to help a celebrity fashion designer/stylist like Stevie Boi write a self-help book. That's surda like Oprah asking me to co-interview with her. That would be dope.

Sasha Ravae has her eye on screen writing as well. She is looking to turn her first book turned book series Counterfeit Dreams, a fan favorite, into a movie in 2017. She is also gearing up for the release of the full version of her popular short story Twisted that dropped New Years Day. I guess we now know why Sasha is hoping for a twisted New Years!


Find out all that this amazing woman has going on. HURRY AND LISTEN TO OUR EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!



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