Take Your Book from Your Head…to Your Hands!

March 17, 2018

Congratulations! You’ve completed your book…or you’re still in the process of finishing it, but something just doesn’t feel right about it. Like any other author, you need a critical eye to review your manuscript and provide constructive feedback on how to improve your reader’s experience, enhance its appeal to publishers, or navigate through self-publishing.


Why You Need a Consultation

  • Is your book well organized and structured effectively?

  • Is your writing clear and concise? Could it be less redundant?

  • Does the first line of your book immediately capture your reader’s attention?

  • Does your book end with a strong and compelling conclusion?

  • Could content be added or removed to improve the quality of your manuscript?

  • Are your characters well developed and consistent throughout the manuscript?

  • Does your self-help book connect with your target audience?

  • Does your memoir have an effective narrative arc that is urgent and engaging?

  • Is your book marketable?

  • Do you have any knowledge of the publishing industry?


If any of these thoughts (or others) have crossed your mind, we have the answers for you. Our authors, editors, and publishing consultants can identify the issues that are hindering your book’s effectiveness and provide you with specific guidance on how to elevate your manuscript to publishing standards.


Together, we’ll discuss your goals for your writing career and for your specific project(s). Our writing consultants will work with you to improve your writing and shape your writing process. After assessing your work, you will be provided honest, constructive feedback, and we’ll create a detailed plan to help you achieve your goals. Black Eden Academy is here to support you! 


But, it’s up to you. If you got the questions, we’d love to help! It’s simple…to book a consultation today, just schedule a date and time. We look forward to hearing from you and about your writing goals.



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