Please note: It is not necessary to send an entire manuscript. However, a complete proposal should include two main items. First, it should include a cover letter containing the following information:


  • Overview: What is the general content and objective of your work? What do you intend to accomplish?

  • Audience:  Who is most likely to purchase your work?

  • Author Information: Provide information on yourself and your background, including previous writing or relevant experience, and previously published works.

Second, a proposal should include two or three sample chapters.


Before submitting, we encourage you to first familiarize yourself with our work. For a complete listing of what we publish,  visit our online bookstore


Once received, your proposal will be screened and forwarded to an editor for review.  The review process may take a few weeks, during which time an editor will evaluate your manuscript. As soon as a final decision has been made, you will be notified by email. 


Thank you for your attention to these author guidelines!



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