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As a young girl, Vontress Ortega, 30, was very shy and kept to herself. She used to get bullied in school, so she used her writing as a means to escape, but as she got older, the further she drifted away from her craft. In 2016, she had a conversation with her younger brother who let her know that he used to read her poetry and that she needed to follow through with what she seemed to be so passionate about. 

As a business owner and a mother of 5, she decided to take a leap of faith and finally walk in her purpose—sharing her gift of healing through her poetry.

Bringing together her most intimate thoughts and feelings, Rose Pedals Under a Reaper’s Robe is cherished collection of poems written in some of the darkest and brightest moments of her life. It’s a raw and honest reflection of her heart written in her own words. 

Vontress Ortega


P.O. Box 128

Mount Eden, CA 94557​

T: (844) 633-3642
E: info@blackedenpublications.com

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Rose Petals Under a Reaper's Robe

Rose Petals Under a Reaper’s Robe is a collection of poems inspired by Vontress Ortega. She has brought her artistry to life in a bare reflection of her own experiences, good and bad, in hopes to encourage self-awareness, acceptance, and the overall courage to not be afraid to look in the mirror. Take a look under a Reaper’s Robe to shed light on your own petals and watch as they bloom.

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